Suncare: Australian Gold, No-Ad, Ocean Potion, Panama Jack, Neutrogena, Solar Sense, Bain de Soleil, Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, Coppertone, Bull Frog, Parrot Head and Beach Buff.

Insect Repellent: Skin So Soft, Cutter, Repel, Cactus Juice, Ben's and Afterbite.

Beach Carts, Chairs & Umbrellas: Rio, Sol-Lay, Copa, Frankford and Baja.

Sandals, Hats & Baja Jackets:

Towels: Custom Embroidered, Beach Towels, Towels for Two, Mexican Blankets and Grass Mats.

Coolers, Totes & Citronella: Igloo, Lifoam, Access, Citronella and US Poly.

Jewelry, Crab Cages, Batteries & Disposable Cameras: Duracell, Panasonic, Fuji and Kodak

Sunglasses & Cords: Foster Grant, Panama Jack, West Coast and Chums.

Rash Guards, Boogie Boards & Skimboards: Tribal Surf, Polyclads, CBC, Morey and Zap.

Pool Games & Inflatables: Waboba, Swimways, Dolphino, US Diver, Intex, Swimline, Puddle Jumper and Kidder.

Bubbles, Waterguns, Kites, Cars and Dolls: Imperial, Ja-Ru, Gayla, Matchbox, Hotwheels and Barbie.

Frisbees, Sports Balls & Outdoor Games: Whamo, Aerobie, Coop, Sport Design, Franklin, Wiffle and STX.

Crabbing Supplies: Jeros.

Beach Toys: KC Plastics, American Plastic and Amloid.

Glow, Water Balloons, Board Games & Peg Toys: Slinky, Duncan, VSI, Pioneer, Whamo, Pressman, Uno and Ja-Ru.

Hair Care: Goody.